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4 Signs Your Driveway Needs Replacing

Are you seeing wear and tear on your driveway and wondering if it’s time to repair or replace it?

While a typical concrete driveway can last roughly 20-30 years, many other factors go into how long its quality lasts. For some, maintenance and repairs may be a viable solution. But in certain circumstances, patches or upkeeps may be ineffective and costly. In these situations, a driveway replacement may solve your problems quickly and completely.

Four Signs it’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Driveway

  • Noticeable Cracks:Unless they are new, most driveways will have cracks in them of some sort. As benign as they may seem, even small cracks can allow damaging substances such as de-icing salt, gas, and chemicals and to seep through and worsen. If you notice small cracks as they first begin to appear, they may be small enough to warrant repair. Once you notice large, deep cracks with more extensive damage, a total driveway replacement may be the more cost-effective and practical way to go.
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  • Drainage Problems:If your driveway has or is causing drainage issues, it may seem like only a nuisance, but it needs to be addressed right away. When water pools or flows in the direction of your home, it can cause severe damage to its structure and foundation. If you observe that your driveway is not handling water properly, you could consider improving its drainage with curbing or inlets, but this may only put a band-aid on a larger issue. In these circumstances, replacing your driveway makes way more sense than having to fix or rebuild a damaged foundation.
  • Pitting or Potholes:Another sign of a problematic driveway is pitting or potholes. A few smaller potholes may more than likely be able to be filled. If your driveway has multiple large potholes, however, it may be more feasible to replace it. Either way, it is important to take care of the potholes as they emerge. If potholes have the chance to grow and expand, the ground surrounding and beneath them can become unstable, compromising the durability of your driveway.
  • Overall Rough Appearance:Years of UV damage, exposure to harsh weather, and damaging chemicals can also take a toll on home driveways. Though this may seem like a superficial issue, exposure to the elements can weaken your driveway over time. As a solution, you may want to consider a driveway sealant, which can better protect your driveway and possibly restore it. However, if your driveway’s sturdiness has been affected, it may be time for a replacement.

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