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New Driveway Installation

When it’s time for a new driveway installation, the experienced team at Crystal Creek Concrete can walk you through all of your options to get the aesthetic look you want, with the strength and durability your property needs, all for a fair price.

Stamped Concrete Driveway Allen County, IN

Stamped Concrete Driveway

As concrete contractors in Fort Wayne for nearly two decades, we have installed countless concrete driveways, including decorative or stamped concrete driveways. These make a beautiful option for those who want something more than a basic concrete slab and can be fully customized through an endless combination of colors, textures, patterns, and appearances of other materials (brick, stone, wood, slate, etc.).

We are fully licensed and insured and offer high-quality driveway installation services at competitive prices. Get your free estimate by calling our office today.

    Fort Wayne Driveway Contractors

    Several things will need to happen when installing a new driveway (or replacing an old one).

    First, our design team will work with you to develop a functional yet appealing driveway design that meets your needs and will bring a smile to your face every time you drive up to your house.

    Then our team will assess the state of what already exists and determine whether anything needs to be removed or if the new driveway can be installed over what is currently there.

    Further excavation may be needed or adding base material to ensure the soil is stabilized enough to support the concrete and vehicles without settling or undue cracking.

    Driveway Contractor Auburn, Indiana

    We will ensure the driveway is properly graded, meaning it is at the right (slight) angle for rainwater to be taken away from the property so as to prevent pooling, ponding, or standing water from getting into your garage or home.

    The form will be laid down, which is essentially the outline for the driveway. It will be laid at the right width and depth to accommodate the vehicles coming and going from your home. (You want it to be wide enough so that no vehicles are going over either side edge, as that can break the concrete, and these breaks cannot be repaired.)

    Then the concrete will be poured into the form, and any stamping will be done, where molds are applied before it dries to give it the desired final look. Once it is dry and has been sealed, your new driveway will be ready for use!

    We offer new driveway installation in Fort Wayne, Churubusco, Tri Lakes, Columbia City, Huntington, Bluffton, Decatur, Auburn, and nearby areas. Call us today at (260) 241-4936 top schedule a free estimate .